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Optimal Levels

Hospital Commissioning

The HMS commissioning process ensures that the entire hospital systems operate effectively and in accordance with the project requirements. Operational processes and systems are tested and staff are trained and adequately prepared to manage the completed hospital.


Our hospital commissioning process includes:

  • Close liaison with the professional team to achieve optimum hospital design

  • Preparing the hospital for inspection and approval

  • Organization structuring and staff recruitment

  • Specialist doctor and nursing recruitment

  • Co-ordination of hospital support services (e.g. catering, laundry, cleaning and security)

  • Co-ordination of equipment sourcing, delivery, installation, testing and staff training

  • Selection and implementation of IT systems and processes

  • Developing and implementing Standard Operating Procedures and policies

  • Training of staff

  • Contracting of medical insurance

  • Detailed strategic plans

  • Preparation for post-opening management

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